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Casey MacGill Quartet

The Casey MacGill Quartet: The Best Swing Band in the NW

Casey and band mates relaxing on the back deck

Casey and band mates relaxing on the back deck

The Casey MacGill Quartet delivers fabulous renditions of American swing tunes, decades of music woven into a seamless, beautiful whole. At the core of Casey’s sound are his band’s sometimes sweet, sometimes rough-hewn three-part harmony vocals and a rhythm section that swings in a variety of textures.

Casey MacGill is the heart and soul of the band. From California, he is a classic Hollywood character in appearance and style. He blows a lyrical jazz cornet, and his most unique instrumental voice is a 6-string tenor ukulele. He has been singing and arranging vocal harmonies for over 40 years.

Band members include Pacific Northwest reed ace Saul Cline, bass player Matt Weiner plucking, slapping and bowing the bass, and groove driving drummer Eric Eagle with a mastery of everything from bluegrass to jazz.

The band has toured extensively in Europe, performing for enthusiastic swing dancers in festivals and dance camps.