Danceable Feast

2017 Details

We are looking forward to a great 2017 camp! Dancing! Feasting! Music!

Note: not all pages have been updated for 2017. We will add information as it becomes available.

Here is additional information about camp this year. Don’t forget to be prepared for the weather. In addition to music workshops, all musicians are welcome at the late night kitchen jam, and there is room for impromptu jams too.

The all important schedule of dances, teaching sessions and meal times! We will also have printed copies at camp.

Weekend Schedule – needs 2017 updates

Next, music and dance workshops. Be sure bring your instrument or voice for a chance to study with these fabulous musicians. Both Wild Asparagus and the Casey McGill band members will be leading workshops. Expect to pick up some new moves from Ari and George!

Music and Dance Workshops – needs 2017 updates

There are road signs on the way to camp, and your phone will also know the way. But sometimes it is nice to have a paper map.

Directions to Sky Camp

Want your own copy of our 2017 flyer??? Here it is: Danceable Feast 2017