Danceable Feast

Wild Asparagus

Wild Asparagus! Unrivaled masters of contra music…

Wild Asparagus with Pokey on Percussion, calling by George Marshall


The wonders of Wild Asparagus never cease. Together for 30 years, their music has matured like a fine wine. This powerful ensemble brings a unique sound and dynamic energy to contra dancing weaving a spell that you wish would never end. Their creative, driving tunes keep dancers energized and inspired while George’s smooth, efficient calling makes challenging contras seem easy as pie.

George Marshall, renowned for his graceful calling style, also plays concertina, bodhran and bones. Ann Percival delights dancers with irresistible piano and guitar rhythms and mellifluous vocals. David Cantieni, woodwind wizard, adds rich layers to each arrangement with flute, tin-whistle, oboe, saxophone and bombard. Becky Tracy graces each tune with her elegant, energetic fiddling. Add in rhythm king Mark Hellenberg on percussion and bodacious bass player Mark Murphy and you’ve got one Big, Bold sound.